My name is Melissa. I live in Buena Park,CA. I love Thrice and sometimes have questionable taste in music, movies, and TV shows. I can't help it.


"I feel very strange about sending people off to do things for me. People say, ‘But it’s my job to make you coffee.’ But I’ve got two hands. I can make my own, just as I don’t need someone to hold an umbrella over me when it’s raining."

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Every day I struggle between “I wanna look good naked” and “treat yo self.”

I just saw fucking Dylan O’ Brien and Will Poulter in a fucking karaoke bar in LA. What is air? Also, fuck you Wondercon.


Paul and I are gonna run around and find out which New Yorkers would like to have sex with the charming and absolutely adorable Paul Rudd! (x)

"Chuck, do you realize that I’m a trained spy who can tell when somebody’s keeping a secret? Especially when that someone happens to be my husband."

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